The Don Cossack Host Aboard Has Created A Petition To Stop The Ongoing Cossack Genocide

Ataman of the Don Cossacks Abroad, Yaropolk Leonidovich Micheyev authorized the creation of an online petition to Stop the ongoing Cossack genocide. The petition was discussed in detail by participants of a Cossack meeting held on May 27th, 2017 in Lienz, Austria. The petition calls for the stopping of the illegal persecution of Vladimir Petrovich Melikhov, and to thank him for his labors of many years to reestablish Russian statehood, and to eliminate from Russian society both lies and hatred. To permit free access to all of the archives of Cheka, KGB, and other enforcement agencies, going back to the first half of the last century, minimum. To remove from the entire territory of the Don Republic Great Host, where the genocide occurred, all forms of memorials that honor the criminals who committed these high crimes, and in addition, to remove the names of these same criminals that have been given to towns, stanitsas, hamlets, streets, and squares, and to return to them their own historical names. At the same time, addressing the presidents and governments of all democratic countries, and all honorable people, with the request to use their influences and abilities to stand against this attempted genocide of the Cossacks. We also request that a historical injustice be corrected in way to make sure that these crimes against humanity will never happen again. We also hope this will mean that a future Russia will at last become a member of the family of democratic and civilized countries.

To view the full petition and to sign the petition please click here.