Stanitsa Nikolskaya Held Its Administrative Krug

On January 10th, 2015 Stanitsa Nikolskaya held its Administrative Krug in the Church hall of Saint Nicholas Church following the conclusion of Divine Liturgy. The Cossacks reviewed the current accomplishments of Dimitri Bagaydin, the elected Ataman of the Stanitsa in Summer of 2015, and have agreed to extend his term officially for next four years. The Krug established that Ataman will plan a multitude of events for this year, based on a variety of activities, allowing all of the Cossacks of the Stanitsa to participate. Ataman Dimitri Bagaydin has thanked everyone for participating in the 2015 renovation of the Church hall, and everyone who has worked hard in the Stantisa. The Stanitsa has not commented yet on submitting their name for the 2016 Annual Cossack Congress in America. They say that this decision will be reviewed in late February.