Cossack Congress in America Educational Outreach team held a meeting on January 31, 2015

The Educational Outreach team of the Cossack Congress in America held a meeting on January 31, 2015. The members of the team reviewed all of the submitted research and have decided to progress into the second phase of the presentation preparation. The team has agreed to hold multiple presentation in the academic 2015 Fall semester, and will deliver it's results of these presentations to the annual Congress in October. The team will present an update of the current status of the educational outreach program to the Small Congress in March 2015.

A reminder that the 5th Annual Cossack Congress in America held in Montreal, Canada October 2014, adopted an Education Outreach program in order to bring education of Cossacks to Universities in the United States and Canada. The educational team will hold presentations on the history of Cossacks and the Congress hopes that such presentations will raise the awareness of Cossack identity among citizens of the US and Canada, as well as help newer generation of ethnic Cossacks who might have forgotten or never learned of Cossack history.