Small Congress of the Cossack Congress in America has concluded!

The Small Congress has concluded on May 2nd, 2015. While the Small Congress marks the half way point in the working year, it is also the moment when all Cossacks review the current progress of the administration and provide any valuable feedback they see fit. In addition, the Cossacks vote on the location of the next annual Cossack Congress in America. Therefore we are happy to announce the 6th Annual Cossack Congress in America for 2015 will be held in Stanitsa Nikolskaya, Chester, Pennsylvania. Stanitsa Nikolskaya was also the location of the first Cossack Congress in America that gathered representatives of Cossack Organizations, and established a single, united, working organization to further preserve the Cossack History, but also pursue the recognition of Cossack Identity. The date of the 6th Annual Cossack Congress in America, will be announced in August 2015.