President Ronald Reagan award to Dr. Wassily Glasgow

Dr. Wassily Glasgow was the Ataman of the Cossack-American Citizens Committee in the approximately 1970s-1990s. Throughout his time, Glasgow was able to put together a Cossack organization consisting of approximately ten thousand Cossack Americans, and was involved in numerous publication entitled Free Cossackia. His job was to preserve the history and heritage of the Cossack People, as well as fight for the return of the Cossack Republics. Dr. Glasgow was also very close in communicating with political members of the United States, including President Ronald Reagan. Dr. Wassily Glasgow was the first Cossack to be awarded with a certificate from a US president. The Cossack Congress in America administration recently uncovered the long lost certificate and would like to present it to the Cossack community. Please view the pictures bellow.