Stanitsa Nikolskaya Administrative Krug

On June 14th, 2015 Stanitsa Nikolskaya held their administrative Krug. The krug began with a prayer, followed by a word from Ataman of the Stanitsi, Konstantin Samokhin, who asked the Krug to relieve him of his position due to personal reasons. Konstantin has been Ataman since December of 2011. Following Konstantins resignation, the Krug elected Dimitry Bagaydin as Ataman of Stanitsa Nikolskaya, and Vice Ataman Anatoliy Vyshnevetskiy, both of whom are currently leading the renovation of the church hall. The Krug also decided to reduce the term of the Ataman from four years to one year, however, it was agreed to review this decision again in December. The Construction of the Church hall is to be completed by the 6th Annual Cossack Congress, which is set to be in Stanitsa Nikolskaya on October 3rd, 2015, choosen by the Krug. The Krug concluded with the Cossacks setting dates for events that are planned for the summer of 2015. The Stanitsa also celebrated today its 5th year anniversary today.The Apostles Fast prohibited any real barbecue, however, the Cossacks enjoyed a fish filled picnic, with Cossack singing, and Shashka Dzigitovka.

Photo of the newly elected Ataman of the Stanitsa Nikolskaya Dimitry Bagaydin

Stanitsa Nikolskaya was officially organized in June 6th, 2010 by the Cossack members of the Church. Since then, the Stanitsa has grown in number, and has been involved in many events. It was in October 2010, that the first All American Cossack Krug was held in the church hall of the Stanitsa, where the representatives of Don Cossacks, Kuban Cossacks, and Terek Cossacks met in order to unite under one organization (Cossack Congress in America). In December 2010, the Stanitsa opened a memorial plaque in memory of Atamansha Nina Burova, an important Cossack figure during the first and second wave of immigration.

Today, the Cossacks continue to attend Divine Liturgy every Sunday. The Cossack help host picnics and gatherings in which the parishioners are able to participate in.

Photo of Cossacks celebrating the 5th Year Anniversary of the Stanitsa Nikolskaya