Stanitsa Nikolskaya Cossacks at the Shooting Range

Ataman of Stanitsa Nikolskaya Dimitry Bagaydin, organized a trip to the shooting range on June 28th, 2015. The Cossacks spent the day shooting historical, and modern firearms. As Ataman Dimitiry mentioned" Apart from the renovation of the Church hall, I organize events in which all Cossacks are able to participate in. A trip to the shooting range is just the beginning." The Cossacks of Stanitsa Nikolskaya have already made future arrangements for a camping event in the Poconos, and horse riding. With these events we hope to further build our community, and we hope that other ethnic Cossacks join us. "The most important aspect of our community is communication" stated Dimitry. Those who are interested in future events should contact the Ataman of the Stanitsa Nikolskaya Dimitry Bagaydin.