Open Letter to the 57th Annual Captive Nations Week

To the 57th Annual Captive Nations Participants,

The Cossack Congress in America would like to thank all representatives, those who were previously captive nations, and those who are currently a captive nation, for gathering together on this special occasion and fighting for national recognition . While members of the Cossack Congress in America are unable to be present at the 57th Annual Captive Nations week, we would like to thank all who are able to come together and raise public awareness of the crimes committed against mankind in the 20th century. To gain national recognition, is something we hear so rarely of today.

As an example from recent news, a Cossack Activist Vladimir Melihov was targeted by the Russian government, in an attempt to rid any Cossack national recognition. His passport was tampered with, deemed illegal, and prevented his travel from Russia to Austria, where a memorial commemoration took place on June 1st in memory of the Cossack who were betrayed in Lienz, following the conclusion of World War II. However, the harassment did not end, as the following day, members of Special Forces stormed Melihovs residence, and Museum, searching for material which may be related to National separatism. Yet, we are all aware, that Melihovs actions were not of separatism, but simply the struggle of keeping his national identity alive.

Our fight starts with events such as these, and for that we would like to express the importance of the 57th Annual Captive Nations week. We wish it to be the most successful week yet.