Stanitsa Nikolskaya Gathering

On October 17th, 2015 the Ataman of the All Cossack Stanitsa Nikolskaya DImitri Bagaydin invited Cossacks of the Stanitsa and neighboring Cossack communities to participate in the Fall Gathering dedicated to the National Cossack Holiday The Protection of Our Most Holy Lady the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary Pokrov. Attending the gathering was the Vice Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America for the territory of the United States of America Alexey Bocharnikov.

The gathering included a presentation by Ataman Dimitri on the history of the various types of Cossack Shashkas, and kindjals. Towards the conclusion of the presentation, everyone had the ability to share additional information they might have learned from previous demonstrations. Ataman Dimitri had also provided his horse at the gathering and allowed the Cossacks to ride the beauty, a skill which Cossacks traditionally start to develop at the age of five. The Gathering continued their celebration around a bonfire, with Caucus shashlik, Cossack songs, and demonstrations of Cossack Dzigitovka.

On October 18th, 2015, the Cossacks attended divine liturgy at Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church, in Chester Pennsylvania.