The Greek Island Lemnos

The total number of emigrants from Russia, November 1, 1920 estimated by the American Red Cross was 194 thousand Men. According to the league of Nations, as of August 1921, there were more than 1.4 million refugees from Russia. Other estimates by Doctor of Historical Sciences V. Kabuzan include a number of 5 million people, which included the people in Lemnos, Polandand the Baltic Provinces. The vast majority of the immigrants were people of different ethnicities, including Cossacks.

The Greek island of Lemnos
Even in 1915, the island of Lemnos, occupied by the Allies, was used as a naval base for the preparation of ships to the Dardanelles operation. It is here that the future action perfected the landing at Gallipoli on April 25-26 in 1915.

Women Committee

American Red Cross School

Футбол. Играют юнкера Атаманского и Алексеевского училищ

Дети Русских беженцев


In the Greek Village

The oldest Don Cossack in Lemnos


Easter Service

Grigory Tatarkin

Cossacks awaiting lunch

Archpriest Georgy Golubtsov

Cossack Cutting Wood with his Shasqua

Fostikov Mikhail Arkhipovich

Naumenko and Fostikov

Ilramov and Fostikov

Kuban Cossacks

Cossack Posing next to portrait of Wrangel

Kuban Cossacks greeting their Commander

General Wrangel

Atamans Polk

Daughters of Russian Immigrants

Cossack with his Family

Transport "Don"