Remembrance of the 1945 Cossack Massacre in Lienz, Austria

Cossack Stanitsas in the United States and Canada hold a memorial service in remembrance of the committed crimes against the Cossack people in Lienz, Austria of 1945.

The Yalta Conference after World War II had determined the fate of the Cossacks who managed to survive and regroup in Lienz, Austria. The ultimate decision to repatriate the Cossacks back to the Soviet Union was made, including those Cossacks who were born in European Countries. The Cossacks were fully aware that returning to the Soviet Union would result in death. On 28 May 1945, the British Army arrived at Camp Peggetz, in Lienz and assured the Cossacks of peace, but when the Cossacks refused to board the trucks violence broke out. The men were beat and shot until the total deaths reached into the thousands.

Memorial Eternal to the victims of the Lienz Massacre!