Stanitsa Nikolskaya Christmas Celebration

On January 11th, 2015 the Cossacks of Stanitsa Nikolskaya, guests from neighboring Stanitsas, and parishioners of Saint Nicholas Church participated in the Celebration of Christmas with friends and family. After the conclusion of divine liturgy all gathered around the holy relics of Saint Cosmas and Saint Damion for the reading of the Akathist. The parish welcomed a new icon of Saint Cosmas and Damion, and the celebration continued for many hours in the church hall at the tables with Cossack songs and interesting topics of discussions.

Happy Birthday To The Secretary of The Cossack Congress of America Nathalie Vogel

Happy birthday to the secretary of the Cossack Congress in America Nathalie Vogel. We wish her great success, health, and many years!

Nativity Message from the Priest of the Cossack Congress in America

Dear Cossacks,

Please allow me to congratulate you with the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ! The Holy church sings that all of Gods creation met the savior. The Angels brought him singing, the people gifts, and the pastors looked at baby Jesus in the arms of our Mother of God the Virgin Mary. I too encourage everyone on this bright day to greet Christ and bring our prayers to him as our spiritual gifts.

Merry Christmas

The Cossack Congress in America would like to congratulate all Cossacks who celebrate the Nativity of Christ our Lord by the Julian calender and wish you all a Merry Christmas!
Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Happy New Year!

The Cossack Congress in America congratulates everyone with a happy new year! We wish everyone happiness, health, and success in 2015.

Eternal Memory to Andrei Georgijevich Lavrenenko

Last week the Cossacks lost Andrei Georgijevich Lavrenenko who reposed in the lord. Our thoughts and prayers to Andrei's family. Eternal Memory!

Cossack Dimitri Bagaydin Baptised in Stanitsa Nikolskaya

On December 28th, 2014 Dimitri, an Ural Cossack was baptised in the Saint Nicholas Church of Stantisa Nikolskaya. Dimitri was baptised with the namesday of Dimitri Donskoy. Dimitri, was also recently elected by the Stantisa Krug, which was held on December 14th, into the role of Vice Ataman of the Stantisa. We congratulate Dimtiri with this bright day, and wish him many years!

Vice Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America for territory of Canada Ruslan Dimitrov attended Saint Herman's Youth Conference opening.

On December 24, 2014, Vice Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America for the territory of Canada Ruslan Dimitrov attended the opening ceremony and events for the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia Saint Herman's Youth Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ruslan had spoken to the conference officials, and has further established a link between the youth communities and the Cossack Congress in America.

Happy Birthday to Vice Ataman of Stanitsa Nikolskaya Dimitri Bagaydin

December 24th is the birthday of Dimitri Bagaydin. Dimitri has been recently elected vice ataman of the All Cossack Stanitsa Nikolskaya. We wish him happy birthday and many years!

Edward Daniel Clarke writes about his experience with Don Cossacks in the first Stanitsa he visited in the Don Country

One evil consequence, which‘ arises from attention paid to tales of danger (Stereotypes), is the habit it occasions of putting false re presentations even on the most harmless and trivial incidents. The first night of our residence among the Cossacks, we were full of idle fancies. The ataman was intoxicated, and, accompanied by his wife, set off into the country, leaving us in possession of his house.