Kuban Cossack Voisko Abroad Held Memorial Service For Victims Of Cossack Genocide

Territory of the Don Cossacks Edward Clarke

Appearance of the Don Cossacks at Kasankaia.—House of the Ataman.—Ideal Dangers of the Country.—Voyage by Water.— Amusements and Dances of the People.—Departure.—Steppes.— River Lazovai.— Visit to a Camp of Calmuks.—Of their brandy distilled from Mare's Milk.—Personal Appearance of Calmucke.— Arts, Armour, and Weapons.— Recreations and Condition of Life.

Holy Epiphany

The Cossack Congress in America congratulates everyone with Holy Epiphany!

Nativity Celebration in Montreal, Canada

Vice Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America for the territory of the United States attended Christmas Celebration in New York

On January 16th, 2015 Vice Ataman of the Cossack Congress in America for the territory of the United States Alexey Bocharnikov attended Celebration of Nativity in the New York Russian General Consulate. Vice Ataman Alexey had explained the current works of the Cossack Congress in America to His Eminence Hilarion Metropolitan of Eastern America and New York First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad and to His Grace John Bishop of Naro-Fominsk Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in the USA.

From Woronetz to the Country Don Edward Clarke

Present state of Woronetz.- Climate and productions.--Garden of Peter the Great.—Inundation and Product of the Rivers.—In crease of Buildings.—Arsenal.——Commerce, internal and exter nal. Wine of the Don.—Change ot Manners, and of Features. —Neglect of Drowned Persons.-'1‘umuli.—Malo-Russians.— Plains South of Woronetz —Celo Usman .—-Podulok Moscow skoy,-—-Mojocks, Ekortzy, and Iestakovo.—Eocova. Sloboda.— Pau lovskoy.—Plants.——Animals.—Trade.—Rash conduct of a. yo u Peasant.--Kazinskoy Ohutor.-Nizney Momon.—Dobrinka.— Metscha.— Kasankaia, first Stanitza, of the Don Cossacks.

Stanitsa Nikolskaya Christmas Celebration

On January 11th, 2015 the Cossacks of Stanitsa Nikolskaya, guests from neighboring Stanitsas, and parishioners of Saint Nicholas Church participated in the Celebration of Christmas with friends and family. After the conclusion of divine liturgy all gathered around the holy relics of Saint Cosmas and Saint Damion for the reading of the Akathist. The parish welcomed a new icon of Saint Cosmas and Damion, and the celebration continued for many hours in the church hall at the tables with Cossack songs and interesting topics of discussions.

Happy Birthday To The Secretary of The Cossack Congress of America Nathalie Vogel

Happy birthday to the secretary of the Cossack Congress in America Nathalie Vogel. We wish her great success, health, and many years!

Nativity Message from the Priest of the Cossack Congress in America

Dear Cossacks,

Please allow me to congratulate you with the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ! The Holy church sings that all of Gods creation met the savior. The Angels brought him singing, the people gifts, and the pastors looked at baby Jesus in the arms of our Mother of God the Virgin Mary. I too encourage everyone on this bright day to greet Christ and bring our prayers to him as our spiritual gifts.